Leo's 3rd Birthday
This year, Leo spent his 3rd Birthday in Texas.  He had 2 parties.  One in Baytown and one in Bridge City.
Birthday Morning
The only present Leo asked for this year was an egg.  He was very happy to see his egg when he woke up in the morning.
Leo opens his morning birthday gifts with some help from Katarina.
Leo celebrated at the Roseland Spray Park. 
Leo, Heather, Lisa, Max, Mom and Beth
Omari, Jalen, Leo, Max, Anne, Dori, Lisa, Beth, Chineyere and Parker.
Katarina, Beth, Anna, Richard, Parker, Linda, Heather, and Chineyere.
Leo gets ready to blow out the candle while Jalen, Omari and Max watch.
Leo is 3  !!!!
Dori, Agustin Daniel and Agustin
Chineyere and Anna
Dustin, Jerry and Måns
Max and Katarina
The kids have a great time at the water park.
Parker and Leo
Max and Leo
The end of the day.
Another party!!!
Leo blows out the candle on his cake with some help from his pappa.
Birthday Egg  !!!
There was even a band! 
Ralph and Dad
Jesse and Johnny
Doug and Måns grill up some great food for the party.
Cousins !
Mari, Seth, Peyton, Bailey and Leo
Blake, Dana, John Earl and Leo
Leo hangs out with the band.
Everyone enjoys listening to the band.
It was such a wild party, the cops showed up!
Leo and Donnie
Max, Tasha, Peyton, Collin and Monique
Monique and Max
Tammy and Tasha
Mom, Lisa and Leo
Aunt Darlyne and Uncle Len
Aunt Frances and Max
Peyton, Leo and John Earl
Leo, Peyton and Bailey
Earl, Aunt Carol, Max, Heather and Uncle George
Giovanni, Giancarlo and Tana
Leo, Dana, Wendy, Ernie, Blake and John Earl