Leo's 1st Birthday !!!!
Birthday morning... cutting board and food inside the suitcase from Pappa!
Xylophone from Mamma!
Cars and toys
A boat for the bath
Placemats made by Mormor
Leo and Cookie Monster
Bath with the new boat
New book !
Crocodiles for the bath
Leo and his pappa play with balloons before the party
Leo and his mamma dressed up for the party
Party food !
Leo blows out the candle
Everyone sings Happy Birthday to Leo
Pappa helps Leo eat the birthday cake
Leo feeds himself
Farmor feeds Leo
Leo feeds Farfar
Leo gets some help opening gifts from Mamma and Pappa
Faster Jorun and Leo
Gammelmormor, Farmor and Faster Malin
Adam and Peter enjoying the arcade machine
Patricie, Nicholas, Leo, Jason, Carina and Elsa play in Leo's room
Daniel, Dexter, Pelle and Maria
Some of Leo's presents!